Add Structure to Your Company Blog With CoSchedule

Add Structure to Your Company Blog With CoSchedule

CoSchedule is an easy-to-use content marketing calendar that allows its users to plan, create, and promote their content from a single place. It helps in capturing a larger target audience while saving time at the same time. CoSchedule also has tools which allow you to structure your company blog.


To make sure the content you post is grammatically correct and free of mistakes, you need to use Grammarly. It can also improve the structure of the blog by making suggestions where the vocabulary can be enhanced.

Add comments and assign tasks

Maintaining the company blog is a team effort. You need the combined help of all the bloggers that are employed in your company. The posts that you or your team creates can be posted in the same calendar, which means that all the company bloggers will have the same schedule. Any posts that you create can be assigned to other authors, including tasks. You can also communicate with your team posting notes and comments by attaching documents and photos.

Use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

One of the keys to structuring company blog is to use CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer. It is an incredible tool which helps you to create the best blog post that you can think of while helping you gain the attention of your audience.

Outline content with Workflowy

In order to make your writing structured, you need a well-structured outline. Workflowy makes the entire process simple by using nested lists and bullet points to create an organized summary of the entire project, including all the parts. You can also add notes, export, share, delete, and duplicate those notes.

Organize content with Scrivener

If you are planning on writing a complex or lengthy post and you know that it will take several turns, use the writing software, Scrivener. It’s better than Microsoft Word because it has better features, you don’t have to scroll endlessly and the interface doesn’t look cluttered. With the help of Scrivener, you can create a writing plan with the outliner tool. You can also get a summary of your content.