Barracuda Essentials for E-Mail Retention

Barracuda Essentials for E-Mail Retention

As data security continues to become a matter of extreme importance, IT teams across the globe need easy to manage security solutions that can offer comprehensive email security, while also meeting compliance standards.

This is where Barracuda steps in. Barracuda Essentials for Email Security offers email continuity, data leak protection, encryption, and targeted attack protection on the cloud.

Key Features

Here are some of the solution’s key features:

  • Completely Cloud Based
  • Dynamic Threat Analysis via Real-Time Detection
  • Plug-Ins for MS Outlook
  • Centralized Console for Better Management
  • Support from Barracuda Central with Continuous Reporting on Threats Across Multiple Potential Vectors.

Additionally, the solution is also delivered via the Software as a Solution (SaaS) model.

ATP or Advanced Threat Protection blends sandboxing, behavioral, and heuristic strategies to offer protection against targeted attacks, especially instances of Ransomware. The feature provides real-time scanning of e-mail attachments and if threats are detected, the attachment is sandboxed for further observation.

Link Protection offers protection against malware by redirecting risky or suspicious URLs.

The Cloud Email Archiving Service is capable of integrating with cloud-based email services and MS Exchange to offer a cloud-based e-mail archive that is also indexed. The service enables retention and e-discovery by permitting auditing, export helping, and granular retention policies.

Litigation Hold offers protection from email tampering till it is removed or reaches expiration.

Mobile/Native Apps offer responsive interfaces that ace it easier for users to search and detect messages; even when email services are offline.

Barracuda Email Continuity allows the delivery of mails even during downtime. This is done by transferring email operations onto the cloud when primary services are down. An emergency outbox supports operations and offers full-scale access to emails. Users can read, send or edit emails even when main services are out.

On the whole, Barracuda Essentials for Email Security is the ultimate security solution for email operations. We offer their solutions as part of our Managed IT Services for Toronto businesses.