Benefits of Thin Clients vs Traditional Desktops

Benefits of Thin Clients vs Traditional Desktops

A thin client is a computer that has no processing power. Unlike a desktop the cpu, memory, and hard drive power come from a server or server farm. For certain corporations and situations implementing Thin Clients and a terminal server farm can provide reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and reduced support requirements.

Wyse thin clients enable almost every Windows application to execute on cloud client endpoint, similar to its run on traditional PCs, without the maintenance and management costs. There is also a welcome reduction in security exposure, as the terminal server environment is locked down.

Surpass traditional desktops in every parameter

The functionality also helps the supply of server images taken from central location to the multiple virtual or multiple server platforms.

  • Locked down environment: Users get a rich and locally executing swift PC experience indistinguishable from traditional desktop systems, and have complete peripheral and application compatibility.


  • Easier maintenance: Users get centralized web centric administration with policy centric control. Users  have the advantage  of central web based administration  and policy based control. Clean up and recovery can be done by a single click.


  • Better scalability: Users get distributed architecture with the much needed multiple server support which can be easily scaled over a global enterprise or campus.


Outstanding compliance and security

Wyse Thin Clients impart a productive and contiguous virtual computing experience, offering tamper resistant desktop virtualization and secure app features. Desktops are secured through top diskless and stateless clients. Local management is not needed.

Unrestricted compatibility

If the software works with traditional desktops, it will seamlessly work with Wyse thin clients. The desktop virtualization functionality hosted by the client can be adapted to any desktop environment, providing control, easy management and security.