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We prosper where many other fail, by communicating to you regularly through a dedicated account manager and IT services team.


If you are uneasy about your IT infrastructure of IT Service delivery, it’s likely a result of improper communication from your current IT company. IT consists of many things from Support, to servers and networking, to backup and business continuity just to mention a few, and to most organizations IT is a critical piece to your its success. As you are likely in accounting , administration or operations you re not a Master of IT, that’s were D-Tech comes in. We are a partner to your organization, we ensure you are communicated to at all levels in layman and business speak to enable and reach your business goals . You can rely on our team giving your the right communication at the right time.

IT Outsourcing Toronto

How we make you comfortable with I.T.


From our very first engagement we look understand your concerns and goals. We take the time to understand what is vital to you and your small / medium  sized business or non-profit organization. With a thorough understanding in place we look to provide IT services and IT solutions to put you at ease and in control.

We discuss your entire IT situation and environment, to gain a thorough understanding of your business needs. We apply our own  service delivery Methodology, to build out a full IT roadmap based on understanding.

Develop Plan

Once we are your IT provider,  we start with a detailed on-boarding plan to manage your servers, network, cloud and support needs. Once that is all accounted for and in “cruise control”, we work with you to create a technology road map. The road map can plan out as far as 5 years, and very comprehensive. We cover critical things in IT Management such as: IT life-cycle planning, IT budget, Asset management, cloud migrations and ensure we are fully integrating the business and IT

Regular Meetings

As a valued client of D-Tech, you will be serviced with our Customer Success Team. You will have at dedicated team consisting of staff to Manage your account, renew your agreements, manage your hardware and software purchases. You’ll also have a point for escalation adn inquiries, without having to run through a ticketing or support  system.

You will have regularly scheduled meeting to review all things IT, including IT support services, customer satisfaction, technology planning and your overall IT health.  This combination of services will be vital in your IT success.

Get the confidence in IT Services you deserve

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