Business Software Alliance – What is it and How to Avoid Dealing with them?

Business Software Alliance – What is it and How to Avoid Dealing with them?

The Business Software Alliance or BSA is trade group that was established in 1988 by none other than Microsoft Corporation. It represents a large number of software makers from around the world. BSA is also a member of International Intellectual Property Alliance.

What does BSA do?

BSA is the leading advocate for the software industry around the world. BSA promotes legal use of software and actively supports technological innovation in the digital economy of today. BSA is against copyright infringement of software that is made by its members. Basically, BSA is aiming to stop unauthorized distribution and copying of copyrighted software.

How to avoid dealing with BSA?

To avoid getting audited by BSA, use the following tips

Purchase all software, keep thorough track of all details

The best way to avoid getting audited by BSA is to simply buy the right software from a reputable provider. There are many types of licences, ensure you buy the right type for your use. That’s why it’s important to work with a certified Managed IT Services provider in Toronto.

Never install software without knowing the source

Not all software is transferable, even from your old computer to new computer. Make sure you have the proper source (download, cd, media and license). Picking up software found in your office and installing it can get you in a lot of trouble.

Retain receipts

One of the major reasons why companies get caught by BSA is because of the lack of records or proof of purchase. Even though it sounds quite silly, it is true. Even if you have legally purchased the software but you have no document to prove that you bought it from a vendor, your company will face legal trouble. The best practice is to keep all your receipts.

Read the license label carefully

What most people don’t understand is that when you purchase software, you are actually buying the license to use the software. The license will give you additional details about the software such as how many times you can install it on different computers or whether you can copy it onto other devices to name a few.

By sticking to the above tips, you can avoid dealing with BSA altogether. If you have any doubts about the legality of the software you are using, contact the vendor who provided the software.


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