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  • Dell Latitude Series Highlights

    The Dell Latitude series is essentially Dell’s arm of business laptop series. There are five different Latitude series based on different business requirements, budgets, and processing power. The Latitude series primarily competes with HP’s Elitebooks, Acer’s Travelmates, and Lenovo’s ThinkPads.   Latitude 3000 series The 3000 series features entry level business laptops and they are […]

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  • Lenovo Carbon X1

    Are you considering buying a new laptop? Why not take a look at the Lenovo Carbon X1, Lenovo’s newest laptop? Better than the previous ThinkPad’s, you are sure to find some major upgrades and improvements in the Lenovo Carbon X1. Specifications The ThinkPad uses a 7th Generation “Kaby Lake” Intel processor and has the Intel […]

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  • NAS vs DAS vs SAN

    The 3 most prevalent storage solutions that you may consider for your organization include DAS (Directly Attached Storage), NAS (Network Attached Storage) and SAN (Storage Area Networks). Directly Attached Storage (DAS) In DAS, the storage device is directly attached to the computer. For example, a USB-connected external hard drive. A number of cables can be […]

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  • Why the huge price variance on Laptops?

    Since the time of its introduction in the early 1980s, laptops have come a long way. Throughout the rest of the 20th century, new features and additions were made to make laptops more user-friendly. In today’s date, laptops have various forms and shapes and are known by different names, such as netbooks, ultrabooks, notebooks, etc. […]

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  • Difference Between a Consumer Grade PC and Business Grade

    The leading PC and laptop makers in the market go through great efforts in differentiating their consumer from their professional oriented products. However in the majority of the cases, home users are better off when ignoring the marketing jargon and buying a business laptop. While consumer devices are created to look stylish, business laptops and […]

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  • Consumer products in the business world

    In today’s business world the integration of consumer products in everyday work life is becoming easier and easier for the end user. This can present challenges for management and tech teams alike. What security risks does this present? How do we stay within compliance while allowing users to bring their own devices and software to […]

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