CIO results without the full time salary

Overseeing a company’s information technology and computer systems is an important job and it’s usually given to the Chief Information Officer. The CIO is an integral part of the management team and responsible for ensuring that IT tools and strategies are working to further the goals of the company. But what happens if you’re too small or under-resourced to hire a full-time CIO?


The Benefits of Outsourcing CIO Service

The primary benefit of using an outsourced CIO is that you get on-demand professional oversight and expertise without the cost of taking on another full-time employee. Using an external CIO also gives you a more accurate big picture assessment of your existing resources and requirements, bringing valuable experience to bear from outside your own organization.


Outsourcing also makes you better prepared to cope with emergencies. An external service doesn’t go on holiday, call in sick or take the weekends off. While you will be working with a dedicated consultant, they’ll always have back-up when the unexpected occurs. Ironically, disasters are far less likely to happen when you’ve got someone updating your infrastructure, planning ahead, and making the necessary adjustments as your company grows.

How You Benefit with CIO Service

  • Advise on cloud and storage strategies, establishing a reliable back-up and recovery system
  • Identify specific user needs and expectations
  • Meet regularly with senior management to discuss ongoing and future technological requirements
  • Negotiate and manage technology service agreements
  • Source the most appropriate hardware and software products for your system as part of a comprehensive asset management strategy
  • Manage service delivery throughout the organization
  • Safeguard data and the security of sensitive information, meeting all regulatory compliance requirements
  • Assume the role of project manager to attain specific objectives
  • Problem solve and provide the most effective solutions as issues arise, giving day-to-day user support throughout your organization
  • Implement new systems and train staff
  • Prepare budgets to accompany short, medium and long-term projections
  • Create a plan that will stay ahead of the ever-changing IT curve, ensuring business continuity and a seamless transition to emerging technologies
Outsourced CIO Service Benefits
Dtech Solution for CIO Service

The D-Tech Solution for CIO Service

If you’re ready to let a qualified and experienced professional manage your IT systems and provide on-demand support, D-Tech Consulting can help. Outsourcing your CIO services to our senior technical managers equips you with the strategies, infrastructure and long-range planning to meet the needs of both your users and customers. We’ll give you the team member you need without the high cost and commitment of adding another position to your organizational chart.


A properly managed, monitored and maintained technological infrastructure is key to a company’s performance, growth and success. It’s not something that can be built piecemeal, and it can’t be done effectively if it’s simply tacked on to another manager’s duties. Hire a dedicated professional and expect outstanding results.

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