Is Your Cloud Secure?

Is Your Cloud Secure?

Today, nearly everyone operates using cloud, exchanging important information and utilizing it as a means for permanent data storage. Cloud security has been an issue of concern for many businesses. Take Target for example, credit card data concerning nearly 40 million customers were breached, but who’s to blame? The delivery system or malware threats that were belittled? Some say that it could be from a hack from a HVAC database onto a cloud repository, but the answer is nowhere close. If you are looking to incorporate cloud computing into your corporate IT infrastructure, chances are you are concerned about data security. Here’s how you can ensure that your data is secure on cloud.


Encryption and backups

For starters, choose cloud services that offer encryption-decryption of the files. These services will encrypt the files on your computer , as well as store it safely on cloud. This way even service administrators and providers have zero access to all you stored files. Make sure your data is backed up. While this isn’t relevant to your cloud security, its about making sure that your data is safe even in the odd event that you lose the data, you can reach back to the backup. Some big organizations have lost critical data as they did not backup.


One of the best ways to ensure that your data is secure is to simply put it to test. It’s a common practice for organizations that operate with highly sensitive data to test the security by hiring ethical hackers. Vulnerability scanning is crucial to see if your cloud security can be breached. If they are able to get through to your data, then there is a good likeliness that someone outside can gain unauthorized access as well.

See that the data center understands security concerns. You should know the servers and data centers where the data is stored so you can keep a tab on whether or not the security measures are in effect. Cloud providers will offer other services such as anti-virus, firewalls and intruder detection to keep your data safe.