Condo Computer Care

Condo Computer Care

D-Tech Consulting has created a unique program to protect condo corporations from the various risks in owning a computer. The company launched this service after it identified the significant gap in IT process and planning by many, if not all condo corporations. These risks affect the board of directors, property owners, and even the property management companies. Almost all aspects of a condo’s operations are professionally managed, sadly IT and computers are too often overlooked. This is why many condo corporations would benefit from Outsourcing their IT with a company like D-Tech.

D-Tech’s ThreeC service aims to mitigate the following risks associated with condo computers:

Breach of private data

Data breach is a common occurrence in shared computing arrangements. It is the release of private or secure information into an unsafe environment. The ThreeC service aims to secure confidential information and prevent unauthorized use of such information.

Data loss

Loss of data results primarily from an error in information systems, in which failures or negligence in transmission, storage or processing, destroys information. Data loss may be permanent, often affecting processes and systems adversely. D-Tech’s ThreeC service can protect data from being mismanaged and getting lost.

Virus damage

Viruses and malware can attack systems and software by providing unauthorized access to unscrupulous users. Virus attacks can lead to both data breach and data loss, thus putting systems and processes out of kilter. The ThreeC service provides protection against potential viral attacks and maintains the integrity of systems.

D-Tech’s ThreeC solutions provide managed antivirus license, security management, software updates, asset management, reporting and documentation, and direct support for mitigating various risks associated with condo computing.

Besides security, D-Tech’s ThreeC service also provides hardware monitoring services for mitigating the risks of down time or data loss. D-Tech’s hardware solutions can be availed at discounted prices, thus improving cost-efficiency of corporations.

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