Why you want your Managed IT service and support company using Connectwise Manage

Team Effort = Better Results

D-Tech provides repeatable top service on every ticket, by using ConnectWise. All your information is centralized and stored for the entire team to access and use to provide you the best possible IT service and support

Get Demonstrated Support and Service

We don’t hide behind unlimited support models, and use ConnectWise to transparently show you the work and effort in delivering IT services to your organization. With our automated reports, on demand data, you can see all the work we do for you and the great IT service you are getting.

IT Integration

ConnectWise is the foundation of IT Managed services, as such it’s important that other aspect of IT are supported and work together with the foundation. Products and services like: Backup jobs, Antivirus alerts and management, desktop and server patching all fully integrate into the system for better management, reporting and insight.


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Connect Everything with One Application

D-Tech understands that superior service delivery is a key differentiator that sets us above the rest. For this reason, we selected Connectwise as our business partner, as their platforms enable us in a number of key operational areas, including business management, service desk, project management, quoting, agreements and invoicing, automation, asset management and inventory. Connectwise’s Manage platform is a business management solution designed specifically for IT service providers. Find out how Connectwise Manage elevates the way that D-Tech functions.

I Want Connectwise Manage

Benefits of Connectwise Manage

Master Superior Service Delivery

Clear lines of communication, error-proof ticketing, powerful documentation. ConnectWise Manage delivers it all, so you have the power to efficiently use your resources. Capture and track every step, maximize visibility, and establish workflows so you can deliver exceptional customer service.

Know Your Business Better

Make strategic, data-driven decisions for your business with powerful reporting and informative dashboards. Discover a centralized view of every aspect of your business.

Discover Fast, Full-Visibility Billing

From tracking time to invoicing and billing, stay on top of your finances and stop wasting time on manual and repeatable tasks. With built-in automation from ConnectWise Manage, you can start taking advantage of full visibility to deliver invoices on time, eliminate human error, offer world-class service, and build profits while you do it.

Handoffs Without Hiccups

Seamlessly transition projects and tasks to keep your communication flowing without ever worrying about accountability and visibility. Allow every department to work as a single, cohesive team, all from one application – ConnectWise Manage.

Amazing Connectwise Manage Features

Help Desk

ConnectWise Manage lets you breathe a little easier with solutions that provide clear lines of communication, an efficient ticketing process, and easily tracked workflows. Efficient documentation allows you to utilize resources wisely and capture every moment of billable time.


ConnectWise® Manage™ automatically prioritizes, tracks, and reports the information essential to ensuring agreement expectations are met, so your business runs more efficiently, and your reputation is secure.

Account Management

You don’t have to collect information in different places. Instead, gain a 360°-view of your client in one place. From contact information to service history, sales opportunities, and project information see everything in ONE centralized location and view.

Sales & Marketing

ConnectWise® Manage™ gives you the CRM power to generate new opportunities easily, and design and track professional marketing campaigns to keep the leads coming.


Simplify the procurement process for your clients. Ease handoffs between sales, service, and finance. Keep accurate inventory counts. Know what products belong to what clients, manage purchase orders, set bundle product pricing, and know inventory counts per office location.

Time Tracking & Billing

With an intuitive system for tracking everything, you can hold your techs accountable for tracking their time, and avoid inaccuracies that happen when your time entries and invoicing aren’t properly synced.

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