D-Tech Cloud File Sync (CFS)

D-Tech Cloud File Sync (CFS)

D-Tech Consulting, a pioneer in superior yet cost-effective IT Service Provider for Toronto businesses, has come up with the latest innovation in cloud storage – Cloud File Sync. CFS is a “business-grade cloud storage and collaboration”, and the product surely seems promising with some impressive features. It makes file sharing easier for businesses whether it is between internal users or with external parties. It also provides maximum security for all your files on the server and while sharing, with its Robust-448 bit encryption. Another major perk is its cross-device utility. It works just fine on a PC, laptop, and tablet/mobile on all common operating systems like Windows, Mac, Android or iOS. Highlighted below are the most impressive features of CFS that make it stand out among other similar products.

Easy access

D-Tech Cloud File Sync allows you to gain access to your files and share them from anywhere, anytime. Employees can view and share data even when they are not inside the local network, using a PC or a laptop or a smartphone. Since everything synchronizes automatically across devices in real-time, an Internet connection is not necessarily required to access files using CFS. Restore lost files with Cloud File Sync, you can make sure you never lose any file again, helping your business run smoothly. All file revisions are saved and can be retrieved or restored without any hassle using the technology of automatic versioning. What is even better is that your deleted files too can be restored with ease anytime! It also allows users to have multiple backup folders for all your data, ensuring that all the information you need is readily at your fingertips.

User-friendly interface

The management interface allows you to onboard new users, set storage limits, control bandwidth throttling, set policies, create on-demand and scheduled reports, alerts and auditing. It also gives administrators the ability to remotely wipe devices and create backup folders outside the CFS folder.

Simple collaboration tools

CFS facilitates collaboration within a team using Team Shares, where files or even folders can be synchronized to all members’ devices. It also has the option of third-party sharing for people outside your business. It allows you to set a time limit for viewing and downloading files. Easy tracking of all the activities provides for accountability as well.

About D-Tech Consulting

D-Tech Consulting is a fully Managed IT Services provider based on Toronto, Ontario. They provide best in class solutions for medium sized businesses and specialize in not for profits. With solutions including IT Outsourcing, you can contact us today to see how we can help your growing business or not-for-profit organization.