Dell Latitude Series Highlights

Dell Latitude Series Highlights

The Dell Latitude series is essentially Dell’s arm of business laptop series. There are five different Latitude series based on different business requirements, budgets, and processing power. The Latitude series primarily competes with HP’s Elitebooks, Acer’s Travelmates, and Lenovo’s ThinkPads.


Latitude 3000 series

The 3000 series features entry level business laptops and they are analogous to the former E series. The screen size ranges from 13 to 15 inches, and it also features a 2-in-1 laptop. These laptops are primarily designed to be affordable so most of them features either i3 or i5 or a previous generation of i7. They are designed to be solid rather than spectacular and have some very competitive prices. You can purchase a model with either good display, good performance, or good battery life based on your needs.


Latitude 5000 series

The 5000 series is a mid-range series that is intended to be a bridge between the low-end and high-end series. These laptops are better on average than 3000 series laptops, and you can one for as little as $615. You can opt for either the latest generation of i5 or i7 processors, and as of now, there are four laptops in this series. Screen size varies from 12.5 to 15.6 inches, and the series also features the 5285, which is an ultraportable 2-in-1 laptop. Some of the mainstream models also come with 3-year supports.


Latitude 7000 series

The high end series, the 7000 series features ultraportable laptops that deliver an incredible degree of performance. All of the laptops in this series are thin, light, and exquisitvely designed. They featyres superior performance and come with premium features, and they are perfect for those with intensive computing needs. They feature some incredible displays and are designed to compete against the likes of the Yoga 910, HP Spectre x360, and Microsoft Surface Book.


Rugged Extreme and Education Series

The Rugged Extreme series features laptops that are built to be durable in the harshest possible conditions across the globe. They are primarily designed for military band security purposes. On the other hand, the Education series are designed to be low spec laptops that are custom built for education purposes.

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