Difference Between a Consumer Grade PC and Business Grade

Difference Between a Consumer Grade PC and Business Grade

The leading PC and laptop makers in the market go through great efforts in differentiating their consumer from their professional oriented products. However in the majority of the cases, home users are better off when ignoring the marketing jargon and buying a business laptop. While consumer devices are created to look stylish, business laptops and PCs tend to offer sturdier chassis, better usability, and more configuration options.


Key differences

The reasons you should consider a business grade PC over a consumer grade PC are:


Built to last

When you requires a PC which can survive spills and drops, a business system is designed to take the brunt of blows. Lenovo has designed its ThinkPads with a unique roll cage allowing it to survive rough wear and tear. On top of this, business grade PCs and laptops come with extended three to five year warranties as part of its package.


Longer life span, more serviceable

Along with the warranties, hardware vendors tend to continue offering parts and services due to their customers holding onto laptops and PCs for years. Business model PCs tend to stay on the market well past a year. Its complimentary components are made available for many more years. These include replacement batteries and AC adapters. Business grade PCs and laptops tend to contain RAM and storage which can be upgraded.


Better hardware

In order to appeal to their bigger consumer demographic, the enterprises, PC and laptop makers are always creating tactile and responsive products which appeal to the consumer. These products revolve around productivity and result in keyboards that provide instant feedback, curved keys which can be felt easily and have strong travel. These provide better typing experiences. Business grade laptops and PCs will also provide better pointing options such as pointing sticks. These exist between the H and G keys and are known as nubs. They are much more accurate than the touchpad. This results in typists not having to lift their fingers off the home row in order to use them



The majority of the big PC and notebook vendors follow the ethos of business and home users have different needs for their devices. While there is no concrete reason to buy into the marketing hype, there are those wanting a laptop or PC instead of a phone or mobile device, this is because you will have work to do such as programming a website or writing a book report. In almost all cases, a business PC or laptop will serve this purpose best.