Everything you Need to Know About Choosing an IT Company – Part 1

Everything you Need to Know About Choosing an IT Company – Part 1

IT infrastructure is an indispensable part of most organizations today that keeps all the operations functioning smoothly. However, focusing on the demanding IT needs and maintenance may leave business owners with little time to focus on the core product/service. Outsourcing the IT infrastructure services and management to IT providers has grown as a popular solution, that is freeing up valuable time and resources for businesses while letting the experts handle their IT needs. From 24/7 network monitoring and management to secure cloud storage provisions, there are various IT services offered by these providers. While options are not a constraint, choosing the right IT services provider might be a hassle if you do not know where to start.

Track record

Make sure you evaluate the credibility of the IT company by having a look at their previous work, market reputation, portfolio, testimonials, and so on. Have they previously worked with businesses in the same field as yours, or of the same size? What’s their downtime history?  These questions certainly help in narrowing down the choices.


It’s a no-brainer that the IT requirements of every business is different; what this means is that you cannot work with a one-size-fits all IT solution. Also, your business may scale up or down with time,  which may require for the IT infrastructure to be tweaked accordingly as well. See if the IT service provider is ready to chalk out an IT solution by evaluating the needs of your business, or if they try to fit your business needs to a template. No points for guessing which one is a better pick.

Integrated support

Chances are your businesses already has an IT department and has only outsourced a part of the services outside; this means that the two teams will have to co-operate with each other  and work, else you have a dysfunctional partnership. Make sure the IT service provider has a good understanding of what processes they need to handle, so they can be seamlessly integrated with the in-house IT department.

Pricing structure

While price should not be the sole factor that determines which IT company you choose, it is nevertheless important. Look for IT companies that have plans where you pay for what you get. Many IT companies offer pay-as-you go schemes where you can keep a tab on how much you are being charged on a monthly basis.