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Here are some frequently asked questions, and some we made up on our own. If you don’t see the answers to your questions, just let us know and we’ll contact you in a jiffy.

Where do I get started?

A simple call with D-Tech will determine if we are a match. During this call we will review your needs and how we will approach them. If you like what we have to say, we will arrange for a free site assessment at your offices. It’s that simple.

What size or types of organizations do you work with?

We generally work with organizations between 20-60 staff, but our client list ranges from 10 staff to 250. What we look for is a client that wants all things in I.T to run and be managed properly. A match in philosophy is more important than size. So as the saying goes, size does not matter 🙂

How does your service work?

We are a fully managed, fully insured IT Department. We provide services that cover not only the reactive technical support, but the Management of your IT department. This combination of reactive and proactive technical services protects your business at every level. Our services are a la carte, where you can pick and choose what you would like us to do and how much. We provide a full time outsourced IT Department to serve you with all aspects of IT: Helpdesk, Online Backup, Disaster Recovery, Procurement, IT Consulting, IT  Management and reporting.  You are assigned an Account Manager, who is there to oversee your satisfaction and is your advocate within D-Tech.

What is the support process?

Our service is delivered easily to each area of IT. Helpdesk is just an email, phone call or web visit away. Your calls are triaged and managed based on priority and impact.  Regular services such as patch management, antivirus management and server maintenance are conducted on regular schedules with clear communications and minimal downtime.  Projects and business changes, are handled the same with project plans, detailed scope of work and time estimates as needed.

How much does the service cost?

You will benefit from our “hybrid” Managed IT services model. We have many flat fee services available for you to provide budget surety, we combine this with a custom built block of hours for your service desk needs. We work with you to find the proper block of hours needed and leave you in a position to never “lose”.  Unused hours will remain in the bank for you to use at any future date. In the event that you require more, we will ensure you have the same high quality service you expect while accounting for overages. Our reporting tools and management, allows us to see patterns of usage and work with you to find your true run rate.

Our block hours model provides you with the best service as you need it, without the service concerns, surprises, and sustainability issues of other providers who offer “unlimited “ support plans.

All other services are fixed fees. This combination of fixed fee services and a Help Desk catered to your needs provides the best and truest form of IT Department services.

Services Goals

  • Want IT in “Cruise Control”
  • Want to focus on their business, not IT issues
  • Want “one stop shop” for any IT needs
  •  Accountability & Transparency in IT services and solutions
  • Cost Effective solutions that bring value back to the business
  • Viable long term solutions
  • Mitigate downtime
  • Sustainable IT
  • Minimal “surprises”

How long are your contracts?

Your outsourced I.T provider is a vital partner in your organization. As such, the relationship should not just be month to month. We have setup our relationships to be at least 1 year in duration. This allows for a thorough plan to be created and managed, while demonstrating overall value.

What is your response time?

Our running average is currently 22 minutes. We provide response times based on the Service Priority of the issue. You will have regular reports emailed to you showing you any and all data you will need. Our web portal also shows a full audit trail of our response and resolution.

What exactly are Managed IT Services?

Simply put, Managed IT Services means become your IT Department. We manage all your IT process, support needs, hardware and software and become part of your management team.  The services are bundled together to cover all aspects of IT..

What reporting structure do you provide?

Reporting is a result of proper IT management and systems.  Here is a partial list of the dozens of reports available you .

  • Network/Server up time
  • Asset listing
  • IT Health
  • Patch Status
  • Support issues by Category
  • Support issues by staff member
  • Antivirus Compliance
  • Software Compliance

What cloud solutions to you provide or support?

As your IT department, we will support anything your organization requires or already has in place.  If you are looking for solutions, we have established relationships with many cloud solutions providers to bring the value you require.

We also have our own set of solutions including:

  • Cloud based file server and sharing
  • Online Backup
  • Patch management
  • Managed Antivirus

Get a free site assessment

  • Yes we said FREE
  • Meeting at your office
  • High level IT an Business discussion
  • Physical Server review
  • Physical Network Review
  • Overall IT Strategy Review
  • Backup Strategy Discussion
  • Needs assessment
Get My Free Assessment

At no charge, we will come to your site to discuss your IT concerns and situation. We aim to get a full understanding of what your organization requires and how we can help.

During this time we will do a physical walk through with you at our side, to look at the physical setup of your IT environment. Commentary will be provided to you giving you confirmation of your situation and other food for thought.

Our  IT Site Assessment will leave you with useful and valuable information that will hep you determine your business risk and next IT moves.

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