Five Technology Secrets to Building a Successful Business

Five Technology Secrets to Building a Successful Business

Technology has changed how businesses function today. With over 23 million SMBs in the US alone, technology alone can help set your businesses apart from the rest. Here’s a look at some technology secrets that can steer your enterprise toward success.

Go mobile

Going mobile is indispensable for the growth and success of your business. Statistics reveal that 70 percent of mobile searches result in action within an hour, and over 50 percent of the internet traffic is through mobile devices. Having your presence on the mobile platform could translate to increased sales leads for your business.

Hop onto cloud

If your office front desk still uses pen and paper, or even spreadsheets to keep track of schedules, bills and other information, then it’s about time you woke up to technology. Cloud storage technology gives you easy access and control over all your data at any point of time. Cloud servers allow you to use multiple OS on just one platform through virtualization without any overhead hardware expenses. Your data is secure with cloud, and you can expand your infrastructure as and when your business grows, giving you more flexibility and better performance in operations at lesser costs.

Harness the power of social media

86 percent of marketing professionals say that social media is a sound marketing channel for businesses. 89 percent of them claim that businesses get better exposure through social media, and is one of the biggest benefits of the channels. Then again, social media can also serve as a medium for you to build your brand identity and a long line of loyal followers, given the right strategy.


Voice Over Internet Protocol technology can improve the customer relationship management and service, alongside the in-house office interactions. These virtual phone systems allow you to easily handle customer calls, and organize call logs to evaluate how the phone traffic patterns are, and accordingly facilitate customer-staff interactions.

Loyalty programs

The success of your business not only depends on your potential customers, but also on repeat customers whom you retain. Loyalty programs were the evident channel that most large corporations used to encourage repeat customers, and today, even small and medium-sized businesses are able to create loyalty programs on digital platforms to keep their customers coming back.