Get Organized Better with Microsoft’s OneNote

Get Organized Better with Microsoft’s OneNote

If you’re looking to get organized, Microsoft’s OneNote is probably one of the best tools out there. It’s super versatile and you can practically use it for anything from taking down notes to creating an entire database. However, most users still treat like it’s a tool for storing temporary or unnecessary or junk files.

If you’re one of those people, we’ve got a few helpful tips for you to make the most of what OneNote has to offer in the way of staying organized.

More than text

OneNote doesn’t just limit you to text. You can actually embed other file types to the notes. This could include images, graphics, and sound files. Plus, they’re searchable too. All you have to is enable the search feature for multiple file types.

This can be done by going to File -> Options -> Audio and Video.

Create notebooks

You don’t have to rely on the default notebook. Enjoy more organization by creating more notebooks. It’s quite easy. All you have to do is go to File and select New. Now, just enter the title you want to give the notebook.

Also, remember that the OneNote notebook is basically a digital version of an actual notebook. So you can actually save multiple files within that one notebook.

Use tags

Now, when you save notes within a notebook, it is easy to get confused if you haven’t saved them in a particular manner or order. You can overcome this problem next time by simply tagging your notes. Just click the Home tab and you will get the tag options.

Searching shouldn’t be a problem either because OneNote lets you track notes based on author name, editing date, text, and so on.


OneNote can be integrated with other MS apps, which means you can access all your Word or Excel files right from OneNote. That way, you can centralize all your work and not have to open separate applications.

OneNote is a very useful app from Microsoft. Now that you know its many functions, start integrating it into your small business!