Internet connectivity, making the world a better place.

Internet connectivity, making the world a better place.

The Internet has been making life for everyone on Earth easier ever since it entered the public domain in the 1990s. Our lives today are highly dependent upon the Internet, both directly and indirectly; such is the impact it has on our daily lives. The Internet has penetrated into and forever changed numerous businesses and is constantly redefining the way we function as a society. The following are some of the avenues in which the Internet has made life more convenient:


The Internet has allowed even the most rural and remote areas across the globe to get access to the opinion of expert doctors across the world. Highly qualified doctors can now diagnose illnesses and recommend treatments without the need to be by the patient’s side. Doctors even train people in such areas to provide regular care and consult remotely on setting up a fully functional medical facility.

Social media and business

Social media has become integral to the way information is generated and consumed in today’s world. New businesses almost always start off through social media before even thinking of a physical store or a website as it is far more cost effective while also having a much wider (essentially global) reach. Successful utilization of Facebook and Instagram is the key to the growth of any new business today.

Staying connected

The Internet has allowed us to regularly stay in touch with our family and friends across the globe without needing to rely on expensive, long-distance phone calls. Platforms such as Skype and FaceTime allow us to easily have video calls with people on the other side of the world. Emails and social media allows us to have instantaneous conversations with people irrespective of the time zone and the location. The Internet has had an incredible level of impact on connectivity.

Knowledge & Opportunity

To “Google” something, has now become a verb thanks to the widespread proliferation of Google Search. We now have an incredible degree of information at our fingertips, and with enough time and a basic aptitude for it we could learn practically anything we want via the Internet. It has enabled those who live in remote or rural areas to connect to new and lucrative markets for their products or services, resulting in incredible opportunities for those skilled and savvy enough to make extensive use of these. The Internet is slowly creating a smarter world that is more informed.

While the rising threat of hacking and network intrusion place an increasing emphasis on developing and maintaining more robust cyber security systems and is certainly important to address in a future post. But it should be said that while the risks are significant, the benefits continue to overwhelmingly outweigh the costs.