IT Security – Learn How to Protect Yourself

IT Security – Learn How to Protect Yourself

IT security, also known as cyber security, involves protecting computers, networks, programs, and information/data from damage or theft. It also involves preventing any disruption of the services provided. The main challenge in IT security is the constantly evolving security threats. People all over the world are increasingly becoming reliant on computers, smartphones, and the Internet. Hence, it is vital that you learn how to protect yourself from cyber attacks. A simple task, such as buying a shirt online, can put your money, and your identity, at risk, if you are not careful, if you do not know how to protect yourself in the digital world.

Install an advanced antivirus software

Most of the computers and smartphones nowadays come with a built-in firewall/security software that can prevent unauthorized access. However, a firewall in itself or a simple antivirus program may not be able to block advanced threats. An advanced antivirus software, even if a little expensive, would be able to protect your devices effectively.

Do not share your private information

Do not provide any private information, such as your login password or the PIN or your credit card number to unsolicited callers. Make sure that you are sending your e-mails to the intended parties by double checking their e-mail ids before sending. Secure websites will have a closed lock symbol somewhere in the window of the browser.

E-mail safety

Ninety-one percent of the cyber attacks begin with an e-mail. Allow your anti-virus software to scan your e-mails. Do not open suspicious-looking attachments. Ignore e-mails asking for personal or your company details.

Password safety

Create strong passwords, make sure that your password is at least 8 characters long and includes symbols and numbers. Routinely change your passwords as well. Your IT department should have automated password policies.

Opt for real-time alerts

Most of the banks nowadays offer real-time alerts. If you notice any unauthorized transactions, you will be able to call your bank immediately and take necessary actions.

There are many benefits that the modern devices/gadgets and the Internet offer. In order to take advantage of them, it is extremely important that you recognize, accept, and learn to prevent the threats that accompany them. Once you do that, you will be able to better protect yourself from cyber attacks.