We cater to business between 10-200 staff

D-Tech ensures your business will leverage IT to gain efficiency, increase profits and remain stable and scalable.

D-Tech provides Managed IT services and IT solutions for businesses based in Toronto and GTA. We understand the nature of running a business of 10-200 staff. We will ensure all aspects of IT are as efficient as possible by applying our typical awesome IT service, but also working in the unique traits that make your organization run.

We’ll ensure you are taking advantage of leading technologies such as Microsoft Office 365, Barracuda Backup, Sophos Firewall/Security and many more. We are a team of 20+ certified experts in all areas of IT.

We enable your IT business with our IT Services

To maintain and grow your business, you need reliability, performance and security from your IT environment; D-Tech has a proven track record protecting it’s clients from the many risk and potential disasters that await you, if you don’t have the right IT service provider and IT solutions in place.

Without D-Tech managing your IT environment, many business are in a situation with a combination of IT problems

  1. Don’t trust the current IT provider or in-house IT staff.
  2. They are uneasy about IT, when it should be a feature of strength.
  3. They feel they aren’t getting the right advice, or have the right technology and services.
  4. They are tired of surprises (downtime, budgets, belabored support).
  5. Aren’t getting value from their IT company or in-house IT staff.

D-Tech has built their entire delivery model on ensuring you are never put in these positions. We have the track record, expertise, innovation, services and solutions that have proven the test of time. You can trust that your IT environment is in the best hands with D-Tech Consulting.

IT Services  for your business


Server Management

A flat fee service that ensure your server(s) is running optimally. All servers are monitored, managed and patched to catch any warning or signals or failure and threat.

Workstation Management

A flat fee service that ensures all computers are up to date with the latest security and performance updates. We patch dozens of third party software to keep you safe and your staff productive.

Proactive Technical Support

Receive Best in Class technical support, supported by a completely transparent service level agreement. All support requests are logged in the industry best Service Desk tool

Managed Antivirus

A turnkey solution that provides a leading edge Antivirus license on all computers and servers throughout the entire organization. We managed the upkeep of the product versions and definitions in our flat fee.

Toronto I.T. Solutions

Network Management

A turnkey solution that provides insight into the up-time, traffic and security into your firewalls. All firmware and security services will be patched on a regular basis.

Online Backup

The emergence of cloud for backup is now a proven, viable and  affordable solution to protect and backup your data.  We provide an enterprise grade solution to fit ensure a robust cloud backup strategy you can trust.

Disaster Recovery

With your organizations reliance on I.T. it’s important that you have a plan to continue your normal business, in the event of any disaster.  We work with you to provide the proper level of business continuity

Outsourced CIO

Our unique oCIO Service aligns your business strategy with IT. If you rely on IT, avoid surprises and allow D-Tech to build a technology road-map that supports your organization

D-Tech's Best in Class IT services and IT solutions

We have created a set of IT services designed to protect and enable your business goals. Our approach will ensure you are fully protected and  efficient.  Our service delivery model (ACTIVE) offers complete flexibility in scale giving you the best of value.


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