Key Business Areas to be Impacted by Tech in 2017

Key Business Areas to be Impacted by Tech in 2017

As technological change accelerates, new ideas and strategies are beginning to strike management agendas. Technology and digital marketing tools continue to improve, and businesses will have to adapt to these new trends in marketing and consumer behavior. Studies have revealed some of the trends people in the business field should be aware of.

Everyday tech

Our smart devices rule our world today and our dependency on them is only increasing. 2017 will continue to see this industry grow with the development of new software and technology to increase their efficiency and make them more capable. Environment-friendly products are gaining importance by the day, from organic products to packaging that is eco-friendly and practicing recycling of goods and the segregation of waste. All industries supportive of the betterment of the environment will be on the rise. Our dependence on the service sector has had a significant impact on its growth and sees it continue this year too. This includes taxis and hotels that have been newly established as consumer connects like Uber and Airbnb. Customization is a trend that has caught on and will be seen this year too. So will the drones that have become a favorite amongst consumers and have started becoming a part of business strategies.

Business tech

Artificial Intelligence continues to rise and this year, we will be exposed to a number of machines that can adapt and learn skills. E-commerce has gained popularity like no other. It has become a favorite because of its convenience and ease with many added perks like free shipping, discounts, and quick delivery. There has been a significant increase in the number of people opting for fitness products like Fitbits and usage of fitness tracking apps. This popularity continues to see these companies grow this year. Social media has changed the game altogether. It will continue to be a major marketing platform to target audience and maintain customer relationships. Video content marketing will become more regular with the entry of VR and AR into the market.

With so many activities happening in every business, tracking becomes very important. Gathering data for understanding outcomes of expenditure and manpower has a lot of significance. This year will see increasing advancements in Big Data Analytics to provide more accurate measurements and customer data.