Must-know IT Tips for Entrepreneurs

Must-know IT Tips for Entrepreneurs

Small businesses that are still in their growing stages have different needs when it comes to IT management, when compared with established businesses. Another aspect that comes into the picture is that small businesses have a lesser spending budget for their IT needs, which means that they have to make the best use of the resources at hand and find cost-effective IT solutions. Here are some helpful tips:

    • Embrace cloud technology. It gives employees the flexibility to work from anywhere and easily co-ordinate with each other, while the business is ensured of security as well. Some entrepreneurs even leverage virtual staff to address IT needs through clouds, so the limited staff that they have at their disposal can be directed toward core competencies.


    • Make sure you get a CRM or client management system on board, so you can keep track and follow-up with clients. There are numerous online CRM system modules that are available for use.


    • Back-up all your data from day one. Statistics reveal that businesses that suffer a loss of critical data have a 90 percent chance of failing within the following two years. What’s worse is that the expenses from recovering all the lost data can stunt your profits and eventually cripple your business. Setting discipline and steps from the start can help prevent such blunders. Make sure you have onsite ( to secure the information on your local hard drive) and offsite (on cloud) back-up. You may also want to consider approaching a professional to back-up the data, as in many cases businesses assume that the data is backed up, only to realize that the data that is backed up is obsolete, incorrect or non-existent.


  • IT systems require maintenance periodically and consistently. Even if you miss out on some security updates, it can make the system vulnerable to threats and malware. Having an expert on board, can also help you plan in advance if you are looking at expanding the business, whether it is about the server, PBX extensions, or others. These IT management experts can help manage, plan and fine tune your IT infrastructure so you can propel your business forward.