The keys to proper I.T Success

We recognize that you need three things to be successful in our business:


  • You need to understand the business objectives
  • You need proper tools and process
  • You need good people.


Our approach is truly unique and our metrics speak for themselves. You can leverage the years of investment we have made. You can leverage our technology, process, and other stuff.

IT Outsourcing Toronto

We ask more and we DO more.

From our very first meeting, we challenge the status quo and ask questions beyond the typical IT questions. We strive to understand the objectives and look to expand and elevate the perspective of a healthy IT Department.  We also understand that just because something is technical, doesn’t rule out basic business communications. We provide simple, reliable and easy to read updates and communications in every interaction.

brightgauge dashboard

Best in class tools and reporting

We have made investments in to proven tools to allow all things IT to be effectively managed. Our tools are best in class, delivering metrics for just about anything IT. Monitoring, support requests, project implementations, client satisfaction, maintenance and overall health. We follow a simple set of ITIL based procedures that best protect your business without being a burden and cumbersome.

Best People

Our hiring process is quite robust. We hire top quality staff with excellent technical and communication skills. We hire hard working staff that love what they do. We retain our staff with various incentives, consistent interaction and supervision. We continually invest in staff education and training. Each of our staff are given individualized career development path, with their own goals of technical training and certifications. Our staff compensation is based on customer satisfaction, not billable hours.

Fast, Effective IT Services and Solutions

D-Tech is based in the heart of downtown Toronto

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