Signs you Have Outgrown your IT Provider

Signs you Have Outgrown your IT Provider

In today’s world, especially when it comes to business, being up-to-date is extremely important. If you want to grow your business it is quintessential that you have a robust IT system that supports all your business functions efficiently. Keeping this in mind, if you feel that your business is suffering due to the inefficiencies of your IT support team, either internal or external, you should look for a change. Here are some pointers that will help you understand that if this change in necessary or not, or if it something you can tweak in-house.

Broken technology

One of the most glaring examples of having an outdated IT system is that you will find your tech functions broken most of the time. If you are facing constant problems with the business’ IT unit and it requires continuous fixing and tweaking, then it is time to change it.

Slow resolution

If you are hitting a brick wall, time and again, due to some longstanding IT issues then it might be time to give up on your IT support provider. Look for a provider that has an escalation path and automated work flow rules to ensure an entire team is working together to provide a proper and efficient resolution to your support problem or request.

Lack of reporting

IT is a beast with many heads. You need proper reporting to keep track of all items including: support time and requests, assets, trends and even budget spending. Your IT provider should have all the tools to effectively communicate and report the true status of all these items.


This is one of the major factors pointing that a change is needed. Surprises in budget spend, downtime are not the type of surprise you want. Save surprises for gifts and birthdays. If you are not regularly meeting and communication with your IT provider, they may not have the resourced to ensure your IT and business are taken care of thoroughly.

You are an expert in your line of business AND you rely on IT, if your IT solutions provider is not helping you navigate the technical aspects of your business, you have outgrown your IT provider. The good news is, D-Tech can help you.