Small Business Technology Trends for 2015

Small Business Technology Trends for 2015

Technology has enabled small businesses to level with many of the large successful businesses today, as it helps them cut down capital and enhance productivity. Here’s a look at technology trends that SMBs should be watching out for this year.

Cloud technology

Statistics reveal that nearly 92 percent of SMBs today make use of one or the other kind of cloud solution for their business. No doubt there are numerous laptops, servers, network switches and printers in offices, but SMBs are now weighing the cost of purchasing and maintaining IT hardware against the cost of cloud alternative solutions. Many of these IT equipment come with expensive upgrades or contract renewals, and is making SMBs consider reorganizing the in-office technology, and make use of cloud solutions for the most part.

Mobile technology

Mobile technology has doubled up as payment and marketing channels for many businesses today. Location-based advertising wherein potential customers receive notifications when they are within a certain radius is growing popular. Social media channels are allowing businesses to create ad campaigns for nominal fees. Businesses are making their sites mobile-friendly, to make sure prospects can conveniently access the sites on their mobile devices.

There has been a rapid increase in online sales on mobile devices, and SMBs may lose out on a considerable number of customers if they just stand and watch from the sidelines. What’s more is nearly 20 percent of the payment transactions around the world are made being made through mobile devices, which means SMBs should be optimizing their transaction methods to include mobile payments.

Automated online marketing

Despite having a sound product/ service at hand, one of the predominant reasons why SMBs do not make it big in the first two years is because they fall behind in marketing. With SMBs lacking the market-savviness to propel them forward, automated online marketing tools have emerged to save the day. These automated marketing tool suites are integrating various marketing channels such as CRM, email marketing and site optimization to send prospective customers messages at the right time, while SMBs continue to focus on their core strengths.