The Advantages of Switching to MS Dynamics CRM

The Advantages of Switching to MS Dynamics CRM

MS Dynamics CRM is a useful tool that helps middle-market and growing organizations by providing a platform to manage their business data and relationships. The tool provides the teams with more insight about the customer relationship across all business units, thus leading to increased productivity. The advantages of switching to MS Dynamics CRM are as follows:

Affordable and easy to use

Loaded with functions and features, MS Dynamics CRM is one of the few software that provides solutions which are cost-effective. It has a high return on investment as it helps to increase sales. To top it all off, the software is also integrated with other Microsoft applications, giving it a familiar feeling and look. The users also get content that is trending and relevant to what they are working on, increasing user adoption.

Flexible, mobile, reliable, and secure

The software allows complete customization, allowing companies of different sizes to meet their business requirements. Any staff member can easily access the database using a smartphone from
anywhere, anytime, using MS Dynamics CRM Mobile. The application is set up using Microsoft SQL Server which secures company data from corruption and loss while maintaining its confidentiality. Currently, there are over 4.1 million users worldwide who uses the software, a solid statement to its trustworthiness.

Integrated with Cortana

Accounts, opportunities, and sales activities are embedded into Cortana and it displays relevant information to the salespeople across professional and personal sources.

Personal touch to sales documents

It is no longer necessary to manually extract account summaries, product sheets, and invoices/orders/quotes from Word documents while using MS Dynamics CRM. Companies can build
the above documents, basing it on the CRM data, which adds a personal touch while saving time and money.

Responsive service hub

The customer service representatives are provided with a dashboard which displays metrics that are related to work, allowing them to provide effective solutions.

Analysis and reporting tools

By using MS Dynamics CRM, the users can swiftly create reports, effectively manage service-related issues, assess, and forecast revenue. They can also record and track campaign performance.

MS Dynamics CRM can definitely provide the businesses with an edge in today’s highly competitive market.