The Benefits of a Managed Antivirus Solution

The Benefits of a Managed Antivirus Solution

Managed Antivirus Solutions offer many benefits over traditional antivirus software which can leave too much to chance. Here’s a look at why businesses stand to gain a lot by implementing a Managed Antivirus Solution.

Regain control of all systems

Unlike subscription based antivirus software which puts the onus on the end-user to let the antivirus software run and do its job, a managed antivirus solution is implemented by a professional technology partner. With many unmanaged alternatives, the end-user is free to shut off, uninstall and override the antivirus solution exposing your systems to a range of possible attacks. A managed system however, prevents this by preventing this action or by prompting for a username and password which has the necessary authorization levels.

Centralized solution for swift response

With many businesses operating out of multiple locations, a technology team often has to centrally coordinate and ensure security of IT systems across geographies. Managed antivirus solutions in addition to offering strong support, also help to give one centralized view of the organization and its IT assets. Any intrusions are instantly escalated, giving the organization a chance to respond and limit damage. With the support of external technology specialists trained in identifying and handling incursions like this, you will be able to remove the virus swiftly and restore security to your network.

Get technical support

A managed antivirus solution eases the burden of an in-house IT team, by offering a professionally managed security system for your enterprise. It also reduces the dependence on employees to adhere to all the safety and security norms, as most of these are built into your managed antivirus solution. By cutting out the uncertainty and fool-proofing your system, you can rest easy.

Daily Monitoring and Management

Most antivirus products work on a system of updates on virus detection and removal. Yet, you may find many of the desktops, laptop and servers in your organization do not actually receive these updates. It can lull you into a false sense of security, since you work with the assumption that you have your bases covered with the antivirus software installed. However, for this to be true, a system of regular reviews, and a comprehensive best practices based process flow will need to be put in place. It could mean daily monitoring and management for it to be truly effective. A managed antivirus products circumvents the need for you to do all this extra work by ensuring the best practices are implemented and a robust system of checks and controls including weekly deep scans and daily quick scans are in place.

Stay protected against the latest threats

Unlike an unmanaged solution, a managed antivirus solution like the D-Tech Managed Antivirus solution ensure your business systems are protected against the latest threats. With unmanaged software, this update can come with a significant lag, leaving your technology infrastructure vulnerable to attack in the interim.