Condo Computer Care

Thank you for the opportunity to secure the computers your managed condo corporations. The ThreeC service is a service designed specifically for Condo corporations. After years of serving the condo industry we have identified that the condo computers pose significant risk to the condo corporation, the board of directors, owners and even property managers. Professional management of computers is critical to mitigate many costly risks.


Top Risks of an unmanaged condo computers

  1. Breach of private data
  2. Loss of data
  3. Virus/spyware damage
  4. Brand reputation
  5. Staff productivity, down time

What Is Three C?

Three C provides a snippet of IT in many areas to reduce this risk. Three C provides the following to each condo corporation with these services.

Managed Antivirus License

We provide a business class antivirus license, ensure your antivirus definitions are constantly up-to-date and active daily

Security Management

We lock down your computer to mitigate your risk against viruses and spyware.

Patch Management

All common and critical updates will be applied on a regular schedule (Windows updates, Java, Adobe, antivirus)

Hardware Monitoring

We will monitor your hardware to capture critical events, to mitigate against data loss or down time

All this for just $15/month (billed annually) And a one-time setup fee of $250!

Asset management

We will implement a proper life cycle for your computer, increasing your hardware’s longevity

Documentation & Reporting

We secure offsite storage of your computer’s basic setup and details. Receive monthly reports on the health of your computer(s).

Direct Support

Any computers on the ThreeC program will have direct access to D-Tech’s top rated IT Service Desk (billed Time and Materials)


Leverage our buying power and expertise on getting the best hardware at great prices.

Additional Services Available

  1. IT Audit (Starting @ $250/site)
  2. On Demand Technical Support $125/hour
  3. Secure Business Grade Cloud Backup (starting at $50/month + setup fee)
  4. Cloud File Sharing ($12/user/month + setup fee)
  5. Network Security and Management
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