Take the Mystery out of IT

Work with IT experts who can help your business and your entire IT department.  We help companies between 5-100 employees solve their business IT problems and take the headache out of IT. We can help with you with simple projects, complex projects or managed services.

Since 1994, we have endeavoured to understand and meet the needs of our clients. We work with you to apply the best practice IT solutions to meet your business needs, objectives and budget. I.T. should never leave you tying to piece together a puzzle,  that’s our job!

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Start with communication

The story also starts with us. It’s our job to ensure all things IT are covered. As such we are continually identifying potential areas for improvement, new technology and potential risks.  We provide this valuable information as part of our regular services.  As often as weekly, our Account Management team relays information to you and your management team. You will have full detail on the items up for discussion without the worry about it being too technical.

Add Transparency

We use data and our industry best tools and technology to make critical decisions and built trust. Utilizing tools like Connectwise, Brightgauge, ITGlue and many more, we are able to produce audit trails on any and all IT service requests, projects and change orders.

This audit trail is available to our clients to show exactly what happened and when. We use it as a tool to show accountability and results, and at times an area for improvement and focus.

We embrace transparency, as it will show the real story to all involved

Proven Approach

Our approach to understanding the impact of IT on your business gives you a powerful ally in IT in D-Tech.  We will provide you the good, the bad and the ugly as both IT department and business units must look at each situation unbiased. Our unique delivery model allows for this to truly protect the business. Other all-inclusive models do IT

Better data leads to better decisions.
Better collaboration leads to better IT Services

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