We’re looking to grow through acquisition, and looking for existing IT companies that provide support to Toronto based clients that are looking to get out of the industry, or join our organization. Running and growing an IT Services company is challenging, but we’ve been able to build a solid foundation and are ready to scale up.

Tired of the challenges of running and trying to grow your IT Company?

Are you struggling with the work/life balance?

Are you ready for retirement or a change of career?

D-Tech Consulting has successfully completed 2 acquisitions of Toronto based IT companies. We are looking to acquire both the book of business and talented personnel.


  1. Full Buy out
  2. Full buy out with option to buy into larger company
  3. Buy out with employment

We are interested in IT Service companies of all shapes and sizes.

If you are interested in privately and confidentially discussing how we can work together, please contact our CEO, Darryl Deen @ 416-489-1797 x  23 or fill out the form below.

WANTED: IT Company For Sale Form