Windows Server 2003: It’s Time to Say Your Goodbyes!

Windows Server 2003: It’s Time to Say Your Goodbyes!

Come July 2015, we will see Microsoft close down all support for Windows Server 2003. The move comes nearly five years after Microsoft moved from mainstream assistance to just critical patches and support for WS 2003. Of course, WS 2003 is a robust workhorse for millions of machines even today, and if your business uses one ore more of these, you will have to look at migrating, if you haven’t already.

What are the implications of WS 3 support shutdown?

Once Microsoft’s support shutdown on WS 2003 comes into effect, critical patches will not be released, which is a point of concern for businesses that are even faintly reliant on the platform. The reason is that it can put Windows Server 2003 instances in a vulnerable position, thereby making them liable to security threats. The general compliance on regulations will also be out of the picture once WS 2003 support closes down, whether it is PCI or ISO compliance.

Migrating from WS 2003

Now that we have established why it is important for your business to migrate from the WS 2003 platform, let us get down to how you will be going about it. For starters, you want to look at which platform you will be choosing, whether it is the modern Windows Server 2012 operating system, or the Microsoft Azure cloud service. You will also have to take into account the various co-dependencies and interconnections that exist in your current IT infrastructure and see which of these facets will be affected by the migration. Once you analyze the interconnections between data centers and servers and map it out, you have a better understanding of the flow and impact, and will be better prepared to go about migrating.

The next step is to see if your current hardware supports the new platform. You will also have to check if the applications that use the server need to be upgraded so there are no cross-compatibility issues while migrating. Cloud migrating choices like Azure Infrastructure as a Service platform give you a sound control over applications, alongside swapping your on-premise hardware and network with virtual machines, and can be a good consideration if you are migrating from WS 2003.